1. Court cases and status
  2. In which court,   b. institute/Management Committee/trainees/trainers are Party
CWP No./Name of courtYearIssueStatus
  1. Trades Affiliated to NCVT and SCVT
No. of units  No. ofunits  Shifts Running(I/II/III)Seating Capacity per unitTotal seating capacityAffiliation Date/copy of DGET order Link (SCANED)
Electrician1+1120406/10/58/2010- TC 26/08/2010
  • Summary of trades affiliated to NCVT
Trade NameShift intake capacityTotal No.   of UnitsDGET order No.Remarks
Electrician20201+16/10/58/2010- TC 26/08/2010 
  • Summary  of trades affiliated to SCVT
Trade NameShit intake capacityTotal No.    of UnitsRemarks

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